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Working from Home

Stress-Free Website Maintenance, Promised

Budget-Friendly. Quality Execution.


Your business is ever-evolving, and so should be your website.


On various occasions, you might feel a need for a reliable expert who could help you make updates to your business website. The reasons could be:

  • You have launched a new product or service, and want to update it on your website.

  • You require new features such as a blog, bookings, live chat, etc. to be added to your existing website.

  • Your website or parts of it are broken.

First time $100+tax for 1 hour, and then $50+tax per hour.


Add new pages & features

Update content

Fix part of website

Update plugins


  • Site broken

  • Content to be updated

  • Add more features

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Send Us Your Requirements Using The "Get Free Estimate" Form


Get A Free & No-Obligation Estimate From Us Within 1 Business Day


Pay 50% Of The Total Amount To Get Started. Pay The Remaining Upon Completion.


All done :-)


Upgrade My Site

We offer high-quality execution for your project.

We offer personalized attention that you deserve, and therefore we complete projects with utmost care strict deadlines.

We offer one-time & monthly plans (no contract) depending on your requirements.

What We Don't Do

We do not take shortcuts that will impact the website negatively.

We do not follow a transactional approach where your website is just one task out of many that we have to complete.

We do not believe in overcharging or hidden retainers. Most of our services are month-on-month that you can cancel anytime. Our clients stick with us because of the value that we bring to the table and not because of contracts.

  • Why is SEO important for my business?
    SEO is tangible work being done to the website that strengthens its foundation and makes it more appealing to Search Engines. As a result, the website ranks higher and is more visible to prospective customers on Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • How can I see the impact of SEO work that you have been doing?
    Our SEO program is completely transparent. Apart from sending you weekly and monthly SEO reports, we will also provide you a real-time dashboard where you can see how keyword rankings have been improving over time.
  • What is the price of your SEO services?
    The SEO is a complex service. We employ very competitive SEO specialists to work on projects, and believe us they don't come cheap. Our base Accelerated SEO package starts at $500+tax a month. This package is suitable for most small businesses in Canada, and can rank them in 3 months or less. However, some industries are very competitive, and hence they require more SEO investment than others. Similarly, E-Commerce stores have a large number of pages, and generally they cater to whole of Canada and/or USA, and therefore they require much more investment than regular small businesses. Having said that, it's always a great idea to send us a message at and get a free quote.
  • Is there a contract?
    Absolutely not. However, it'd be a good idea to invest for at least 3 months to see great results. If you're not satisfied for some reason, please let us know and we will cancel the service on the next billing date.
  • What is SEO?
    SEO is tangible work being done to the website that strengthens its foundation and makes it more appealing to Search Engines. As a result, the website ranks higher and is more visible to prospective customers on Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • What is On-page vs Off-page SEO?
    Any work that’s done on the actual site such as, titles, tags, descriptions, content, website structure, etc., is known as On-Page. Any work not done directly on the website, such as guest blogging, link building, social sharing, bookmarking, various content and more is known as Off-Page.
  • What’s the difference between Local and National SEO?
    If a business provides services nationwide it may try to rank for just the keyword. If it’s a local business it would try to rank for the keyword + the geography. So for e.g., a national chain of plumbing supplies provider would want to rank for ‘plumbing supplies’, while a local store that serves just Toronto would want to rank for ‘plumbing supplies toronto’. Local SEO is intended to get customers who live in the area to support that local business.
  • What are backlinks and why are they important?
    These are links done offsite that signal search engines to the targeted website. There is a lot that goes into backlinking safely. The days of mass link building and black hat SEO are over. At Upgrade My Site, we take time and make sure the backlinks come from relevant sites that are true to the business. By doing strong backlink work, your website should rank higher than their competition who is solely focused on on-page work.
  • What is guest blogging?
    Writing interesting content on a guest blog is valuable to improve rankings. When the owner of the guest blog likes the content being written, they often include it on their own blog because they see its value to their visitors. This in turn can provide a backlink to your website.


If you want to discuss your requirements in detail.


If you have requirements ready, send them to us for a quote.
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