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What Is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Why Is SMM Important For Your Business?

SMM has several advantages that it can not be neglected:

  1. It is cost-effective compared to other online advertising solutions.

  2. It's great for local targeting.
  3. It helps in SEO too.

You must have seen posts by businesses and professionals on social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. These posts reach out to thousands of users who use these platforms. These online promotions are called Social Media Marketing (SMM).

SMM is used by businesses and professionals to:

  • Build their brand

  • Reach out to potential customers

  • Engage with existing customers and provide online support​

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

Our social media managers make sure that your brand is present on all social platforms, follows a consistent look & feel, and posts at regular intervals.

Manage Business Pages | Upgrade My Site

1. Create & Optimize Business Profiles on Social Media

Our experts shall manage all your business profiles on social networks so that they are consistent, updated, and reachable to potential customers.

Social Media Posts | Upgrade My Site

2. Create Engaging Posts

Have relevant posts sent to your business pages on pre-defined day and time, every week.

3. Configure Advertising & Run Paid Promotions

Accelerate your reach to relevant people through paid promotions.

4. Monthly Reporting

Our transparent process keeps you updated on what's happening with your social media profiles. We also send you a detailed performance report every month. 

Social Media Platforms We Support

Social Media Marketing - Facebook | Upgrade My Site


Social Media Marketing - Instagram | Upgrade My Site


Social Media Marketing - LinkedIn | Upgrade My Site


Social Media Marketing - Twitter | Upgrade My Site


Never Tried Social Media?

  • Build your brand online

  • Highly-engaging professional & branded creatives

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“In The Business World, The Person Who Is Most Liked & The Most Well-Networked Typically Wins.”

- Neil Patel


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