WordPress SEO - How To Boost SEO Rankings On Your Site

Whether you own a blog or an eCommerce website, you need WordPress SEO techniques that work. You should continuously look for new methods to increase the rankings of your site on major search engines.

Apply an SEO-Friendly Theme

There are thousands of themes to choose from for your WordPress site. Increase rankings by selecting a theme that is optimized for major search engines. Implementing the theme should be easy, fast and include plenty of user support for beginner Web designs. Anyone can build a WordPress space without needing to know HTML coding.

Choose a Dedicated SEO Plugin

A plugin is an extension of a content management system that increases the number and scope of functions. This tool allows you to perform more functions in the areas of search engine optimization, data analytics, digital marketing, etc. Yoast is the most downloaded and widely used plugin for optimizing sites. Selecting the right one for your site is not based solely on popularity, though. Know the customized features that you need, from Web analysis to keyword optimization, and choose the plugin that matches your needs.

Use Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Add important keywords to your title tags and meta descriptions. These are descriptions that Web crawlers need to locate your site, and without them, your site gets ranked much lower than it should be.

Develop a Sitemap

A sitemap makes it easier to navigate pages within a website. The main type of sitemap that everyone sees is a visible listing of pages on a site, and the second type is an invisible sitemap that is only seen by Web crawlers. For SEO purposes, a sitemap is a guide to help crawlers find your site, index all of its content, and rank it properly on search engine results pages. This map indicates the most important pages and the most relevant keywords to list on the search engines.

Use Header Tags

Header tags are words and numbers, from H1 to H6, that are attached to headings in Web content. The main purposes are to increase the size and visibility of headlines and to rank them in order of importance. These tags improve the visibility of the content, which makes it more readable and search engine friendly on a site.

Everyone wants to visit a Web-friendly site. It is easier to read, more pleasant to navigate, and easier to find in search engines. Your effort as the owner of a site is to make a regular plan to optimize your marketing efforts.


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