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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I'm glad to introduce my company (Upgrade My Site) through our brand new blog.

I started this company with a mission to help business owners and professionals get access to the right digital strategy and execution. In my 13 years of career, I learnt that most of the agencies in the market are deceiving their customers. They design and develop sub-standard websites, delay projects unnecessary, and charge customers for services they never delivered.

Hence, I thought of launching this company and help businesses achieve the "true" online growth that they always desired.

Our three aspirations became clear:

  1. Provide the right digital strategy to every prospect and customer.

  2. Listen to business owners and professionals. They know their customers the best. Learn from them and apply their knowledge in the digital world.

  3. Be respectful of timelines, money, and trust that customers have on us to grow their business.

I'm happy to say people liked our work and not to forget our three motivations. Today, we work with several companies across Oakville, Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, and other parts of Canada. Every business that we worked with is pleased that we worked with them and helped them grow.

Karan C.

Karan C.

Founder & CEO - Upgrade My Site

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