A Marketer's Guide To Succeeding With Hashtags On Instagram - What To Know

What are Hashtags

If you’ve been around long enough on social media ever since the inception of Instagram, chances are that you’ve grown quite familiar with them.

For most people, hashtags are generally a great way to explore the vast niches that run within Instagram itself while finding more profiles to follow and users to interact with. While it’s no secret that hashtags are an essential part of Instagram’s entire identity and experience from the user’s point of view, there’s just one problem: most marketers and businesses overlook their value or don’t know how to use them effectively.

The value of hashtags

To some, the idea of using hashtags on Instagram may be kitschy at best because of all the pseudo-influencers and elderly people who use them to #talk #like #this, but that’s where most marketers are wrong.

Although hashtags may not seem like they bear the same impact as other digital media marketing concepts—such as SEO or funnels—they’re essentially the bread and butter of effective Instagram promotion. When used correctly, hashtags can be used to unlock a wide range of engagement opportunities across Instagram and yield an exceptionally-high ROI in the form of likes, follows, and comments at little-to-no-cost.

Why hashtags are essential for any Instagram marketing strategy

Aside from the fact that they’ve been an integral part of the platform’s user experience and operation flow, there are three other reasons you should incorporate hashtags into your strategies:

1. Hashtags are a great way to understand current trends

When you begin to look past the superficial concepts that are unfortunately associated with hashtags, you’ll be able to see one key function that only the attentive can see: their ability to track industry trends.

With the help of Instagram’s own discover page, you’ll be able to zone in on the key industry trends that are taking place at this very moment. Hashtags, in essence, keep you primed on the hunt for what’s buzzing in your current industry by pulling in key insights from other brands or consumers in your industry!

2. Hashtags help more users find your content easily

Thanks to a few tweaks to its follow functions, Instagram has now made it possible for users or pages to follow hashtags as a means to explore new interests and niches beyond jumping from profile to profile. This new feature effectively provides new opportunities for your page to be discovered. By taking the right steps to use hashtags effectively, you’ll be able to hack your growth to virality by making your content more discoverable and well-situated in a spot of great content!

3. Hashtags are a great way to foster opportunities for interaction

One of the most overlooked yet important facts that concern the entire Instagram industry as a whole is that a post with at least one hashtag always generates far more engagement than one that has none. By incorporating hashtags into your posts, you’re drawing more users and convincing them to interact with your posts!

Final words

Through the use of hashtags, the impact of any digital marketing strategy can be maximized significantly by tapping into one of Instagram’s core functions: discovery. If you’re looking to further enhance the overall impact of your social media and Instagram marketing efforts, then it’s undoubtedly essential to take the right steps by refining the way to approach and use hashtags!

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