10 Principles Of Good Web Design

Web designs have a significant impact on your overall audience and web traffic; as such, they should be designed in a way to attract your targeted audience. In addition to this, the overall look of your web design should complement your web content too.

Here are ten principles of a good web design.

The Aim of your website

The purpose of your website should be clear and transparent. It should address the user instantly and explain to the user that it is something they are looking for. The purpose of a website can be sales, promotion, build reputation, etc.


It is one of the most effective ways to retain an audience. In addition, it is one of the ways where users find what they need. Hence, it is advised to keep the navigation simple and decent.

Visual appeal

The visuals hold great importance in any web content. They are one of the first features to attract an audience. Keep the arrangement of elements in order of importance. It can be based on size, information color, images, etc. But the focal point should be evident where the audience finds all the information they need.


Content is one of the vital principles of an efficient web page. To rank your content with good traffic, it should be unique, genuine and SEO optimized.

Load time

The audience hates waiting. People expect a webpage to load in 2 to 5 seconds at most. Hence, make sure that the site loading time is up to 3 seconds at most. Optimize your image size to shorten the loading time for the web page.

Effective mobile versions

Nowadays, almost everyone finds it convenient to use mobile versions of every application. Formulate your web page in such a way that it is adaptable to both browser and mobile screens.


Properly arranged information on a web page makes it SEO optimized. In addition to this, it also gives a clean and organized look to the web page making the information accessible. The grid-based layout is preferred as it provides a pleasing appeal to the audience too.

The pattern of reading

It has been observed that individuals often adopt an F-shaped pattern reading on a web page. People read through the top and the left of the web page; hence, utilize this as an opportunity for your webpage design by enlisting the most critical information in F shaped reading pattern.


Simplicity will ultimately attract users. Use colors that synchronize with your content. In addition, limit the font style to a maximum of three fonts, making it elegant and pleasing at a look. Try to use imagery full of spirit, impressive, and user attraction.


Be consistent with your web page and design. This will reflect through your page layout, font styles, and imagery too. Make sure to use more minor elements, but use them wisely. This will significantly help in the SEO optimization of your web page.


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