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What Is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

A type of internet advertising which drives traffic to your website. In this type of advertising, your ads will be displayed to potential customers online who could click on the ad and visit your website. As a business owner, you pay when your ad is clicked and hence the name Pay-Per-Click.


You need PPC if:

  • Your website is relatively new and doesn't generate enough inquiries/sales.

  • Despite being old, your website doesn't show up on the first few pages on Google. This might be happening because of poor search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Your business is ready to handle more clients and thus, you can pay for the advertising to get additional customers.

A popular advertising platform by Google that enables you to set-up PPC ads that will be displayed to web and mobile users. These ads will be shown prominently to people who:

  • Perform a Google search to find a product/service that your business provides.

  • Browse websites that are search partners with Google to display ads to visitors.

If clicked, these ads can drive traffic to your website, generate phone inquiries, or make a sale for your business.

What Is Google AdWords?

Creating, managing, and optimizing PPC ads is a complex process and you would need an IT & Marketing expert to manage them efficiently. The reasons being:

  • Google AdWords is a highly technical platform to operate day-to-day.

  • Your ads should be catchy and professional so that users click them.

  • Your ad targeting should be perfect so that they show up on relevant search queries otherwise you would end up paying for irrelevant clicks on your ads.

  • Based on how your ads perform, they would need improvement continuously.

Why Do You Need PPC & Google AdWords Management?


1. Machine-Learning (ML) Based Optimizations


Our PPC experts use special software that monitors the performance of campaigns continuously and improves them day-by-day. Having such optimized campaigns manually generally takes months of effort.

2. Impactful Ad Campaigns

A great ad campaign has the following components:

  • Enticing ad copy

  • Correct targeting criteria

  • Relevant ad extensions

Our team does all these for you so that your ad gets noticed.

Our Comprehensive PPC Offering To Get You More Customers

Unlike others, our objective is not just to set-up PPC campaigns that don't deliver but do a great job at them. This is required so that you get enough sales/leads every day at minimum cost.

3. Remarketing Ads

Get at least 25% more conversion by ads that follow your potential customers wherever they go online. These remarketing ads are an efficient way to get these people back on your site.

4. Monthly Reporting

Our transparent process keeps you updated on what's happening with your campaigns. We also send you a detailed performance report every month.

Facing PPC Issues?

  • No inquiries or sales from the website

  • Need business immediately

  • Can't set up Google ads correctly

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Tony Montana Spent His Way To Building The Right Network & To Finding His Target Audience.

The Same Rule Applies To PPC Marketing: Spend, Learn, Refine.

- Neil Patel


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